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I have worked with the mentoring teacher for many years learning the Wyckoff principles. He has helped me with my trading extensively. I now trade the market better and have increased my confidence to at least 80%. I can’t thank him enough for all that he has done, and I shall continue to work with him for many years. I recommend him highly if you want to trade the markets successfully.


You ask: If I judge the marked by its action as indicated on the tape, what shall I do with this vast array statistical manuals, compilations, services and data that I have been subscribing to for years? My suggestion is that you pile it all up on a table, push the table up to the window, and making sure that no one is below, tilt one end of the table.

Richard D. Wyckoff

Trading in stocks is more than a business; it is an art, a science, a profession – whichever you choose. It demands study and concentration if one is to make a success at it.

AlanRichard D. Wyckoff